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Payment options

Following we will give you a short overview of the payment options in our online shop.

Cash in advance

Cash in advance is the classical way of payment. We will send you our bank details in connection with you order confirmation. As soon as we received your money on our account, we will send your order with your selected shipping service. 

Cash on delivery (Germany only)

Your order is payable on delivery. For this payment option you have to choose DHL as shipping service. We charge an fee of 3,95 € for this option and you have to pay 2,00 € forwarding fee directly to the delivery man.  
Notice: Cash on delivery is only available for orders below 500,00 €.


The most comfortable, safest and at the same time fastest way to pay your order is PayPal. You just need a free PayPal-Account. In contrast to other online shops we do not charge an extra PayPal fee.

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