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BACO Designs Blu-Ray Box Set 1-10 SALE

Artikelnummer: 2017-54307

Kategorie: Medien

29,95 €

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BACO Designs Blu-Ray Box Set 1-10

Before the internet, and at the dawn of the personal video camera era in the 1990s, a group of friends from noth eastern Wisconsin would find a common bond in BMX freestyle that would take them around the world and back again. This misfit band of brothers would document their skills on bikes, antics and personalities on videotape for all the world to see

Spanning over a decade, their series of original videos would become to many, the definitive guide of how the BMX lifestyle should be lived. To its fullest, all the way to eleven.

Four mysterious letters, known simply as BACO, would ultimately influence a generation of 20 inch bike riders and beyond.

Box Set Features

» 80 minute documentary "Push It To 11: The Bits of Baco" shot in 1008p HD and featuring the Baco boyz, 40+ industry friends, riders and BMX icons
» Baco 1-10 (the entire Baco video series from 1990-2004)
» Over 11 hours of digital content, sourced fromt 1st generation masters whenever possible
» High quality H.264 encording + Dolby Digital professional audio

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